Spiritual Beings Course

Who is God? Where did He come from? Would you like to learn more about angels and demons? This course covers the different types of spiritual beings, both good and evil, their origins and how they impact on us as humans.


To teach students about different spiritual beings. Starting with God, and then angels, demons and our authority as believers. Students learn about God and who He is and a logical extension is to learn about angels who are His ministering spirits. Therefore, teachings for demons and our authority as believers must follow. This enables us to discern what is right and wrong or true and false. The result is that we function better in the Body of Christ. Better understanding helps us to draw closer to God and to flow better in the Spirit.


There are fifteen chapters.


  • Chapter 1 – Teaching on God – Who God is, where He came from & what He is about
  • Chapter 2 – Teaching on the Glory (manifest presence) of God
  • Chapter 3 – Teaching on the Attributes of God
  • Chapter 4 – Teaching on the Triune God
  • Chapter 5 – Teaching on God the Father
  • Chapter 6 – Teaching on Father Love of God
  • Chapter 7 – Teaching on God as Father
  • Chapter 8 – Teaching on God the Son
  • Chapter 9 – Teaching on God the Holy Spirit
  • Chapter 10 – Teaching on the Origin and Purpose of Angels
  • Chapter 11 – Teaching on Characteristics of Angels
  • Chapter 12 – Teaching on Different kinds of Angels
  • Chapter 13 – Teaching on Function of Angels
  • Chapter 14 – Teaching on Demons
  • Chapter 15 – Teaching on Our Authority


Bachelor Degree in Biblical Theology

= Certificate in Ministry + Pastoral Counselling
+ Leadership & Administration

Diploma in Ministry
= Certificate in Ministry + Pastoral Counselling

Certificate in Ministry
= 5 Short Courses
1. Christian Foundations,
2. Understanding the Bible,
3. Spiritual Beings,
4. Prayer,
5. Spiritual Gifts

(These courses may also be taken individually)


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