Pastoral Counselling Course

Equipping leaders to be effective counsellors.



This course is the final year of the Diploma in Ministry and the second year of the Bachelor of Biblical Theology and is designed to equip pastors with counselling skills. If taken after successful completion of the Certificate in Ministry Course, the Diploma in Ministry is awarded.

It may also be taken as a stand-alone course. On successful completion of this course a Certificate in Pastoral Counselling is awarded.

Pastoral Counselling is about equipping leaders to be effective counsellors. Having completed theological training or even being in fulltime vocational ministry does not qualify us to be counsellors. Biblical knowledge and hands on experience are helpful, but not enough to be effective in counselling. This training is designed to equip pastors to counsel.


The course consists of five sections.

  • Section 1: Orientation/Introduction to Christian Counselling

1. Uniqueness of Christian Counselling
2. Preparation for Counselling
3. The Counselling Setting
4. Hosting the presence of God in Counselling
5. Effective Communication
6. Blocks to Effective Counselling
7. Counselling Techniques
8. Counselling Models
9. Counselling Mistakes

  • Section 2: Biblical Foundations 

1. Biblical Foundations
2. The Revelation of Scripture
3. The Nature of God
4. Sin
5. Dying to Self
6. Strongholds of the Mind
7. Forgiveness
8. Reasons for Forgiving Others
9. Guilt
10. Overcoming Stress
11. Fear

  • Section 3: The Soul

1. Emotional Intelligence
2. Three Major Needs
3. Spirit, Soul and Body
4. The Grief Cycle
5. Psychology
6. Developmental Psychology
7. Depression

  • Section 4: Victory

1. Abortion
2. Childhood Molestation
3. Symptoms of Childhood Abuse in Adults
4. Death
5. Eating Disorders
6. Homosexuality
7. Life Skills
8. Mediation
9. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Section 5: Practical Counselling Case Studies

This is the practical aspect of the counselling course and covers six case studies where we apply what we have learnt during the training.



Bachelor Degree in Biblical Theology

= Certificate in Ministry + Pastoral Counselling
+ Leadership & Administration

Diploma in Ministry
= Certificate in Ministry + Pastoral Counselling

Certificate in Ministry
= 5 Short Courses
1. Christian Foundations,
2. Understanding the Bible,
3. Spiritual Beings,
4. Prayer,
5. Spiritual Gifts

(These courses may also be taken individually)


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